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Welcome to the inaugural edition of Ad Signa, the official newsletter of the Legion VI Historical Foundation! This newsletter was written and produced by the members of Legion VI for our membership and anyone interested in ancient Roman history. Our newsletter features several columns by our members on topics ranging from Legion activities to ancient coins; the latest archaeology news and media reviews; tutorials by Legion members giving detailed instructions on specific projects they have made and an events page featuring a calendar and articles about recent events. In addition to these pages, Ad Signa includes a special monthly featured article and a special section spotlighting a member’s specific impression. We are currently planning on publishing a monthly edition and a more journal-like quarterly version. In the future, we will have Microsoft Word and Adobe PDF files of each issue of Ad Signa available to download.

Since we are publishing in March, our theme for this edition is the Ides of March and the Late Republic. In this issue, you will find articles about two famous coins—the Eid Mars denarius and an aureus of Domitian, a tutorial on edging scutum in rawhide, reports from the Centurion and Tribune, Late Republic-themed archaeology news and reviews, recent Legion events and a spotlight featuring a recreation of the famous Isidora mummy portrait.

If you are interested in becoming an Ad Signa contributor, contact Lisa Klassen-Barnes at We are looking for articles 200-1,000 words in length on any subject related to the ancient Roman world.


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